Equipment and Laboratory

Our laboratory is housed in the Geosensing Systems Engineering Research Center and the NSF funded National Center for Airborne Laser Mapping (NCALM). We are equipped to acquire, process and analyze hyperspectral ground-reference data via high resolution spectroradiometers, as well as high dimensional geospatial datasets in general (e.g. hyperspectral imagery, SAR data, LiDAR data etc.). In addition to high end workstations, we have

  • A high performance compute server with 4x Intel® Xeon® E7-4870 processors, 10 cores per processor, and 512GB RAM.
  • Handheld Spectroradiometers (Coming soon)
  • A High resolution Spectroradiometer (Coming soon)

We also have a software suite developed in-house for browsing, organizing, pre-processing and analyzing spectral libraries generated by such spectroradiometers. This software suite has been made open to the public, to provide to end-users, scientists and analysts access to our latest hyperspectral data analysis algorithms, and a means to organize, preprocess and exploit their spectral libraries.