About Us

Lab Director: Prof. Saurabh Prasad

Research Thrusts

The research focus of our lab is advancing the state-of-the-art in machine learning and image processing for challenging applications such as geospatial imaging and biomedical data analysis. Our current research focus entails development of machine learning and image processing techniques for robust analysis of multi-sensor, high dimensional data.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning with Limited and Noisy Ground Truth, Sparse Deep Learning, Active, Semi-Supervised and Self-Supervised Machine Learning, Multi-Modal Data Fusion, Transfer Learning. 

Applications: Geospatial Imaging

Analysis of passive optical imagery, multi-scale image analysis (e.g. seamless learning across UAVs, manned aircraft and  satellites), Multi-sensor fusion, etc. 

Signal Processing

Sparse representation based machine learning, denoising, super-resolution, image enhancement, image registration etc. 

Applications: Biomedicine

Analysis of EEG/EMG data for Brain Machine Interface, Analysis of microscopy imagery etc.


The theory and algorithms we develop are tailored to address the unique challenges posed by multi-sensor, multi-channel imagery data for geospatial and biomedicine applications.

Recent News and Updates

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